How to install a JavaScript editor for Eclipse?

I have a standard Eclipse running on an Ubuntu 14.10:

Eclipse Standard/SDK

Version: Luna Service Release 2 (4.4.2)
Build id: 20150219-0600
  1. I searched for javascript in the marketplace. But nothing jumped to my eye.
  2. I searched javascript editor eclipse on the web, which gave me JSDT ( But I couldn’t find it in the marketplace.
  3. I realised, that JSDT are budled within the WDT (Web Tools Platform;

It seems that I’m lacking some basic knowledge about eclipse.

  • Is it somehow possible to install JSDT without all the other stuff of the WTP?
  • When I’d like to use WTP, do I need a separate installation of Eclipse? (since WTP is also not in the marketplace)
  • Is there an JavaScript editor plugin that I can simply add to my existing Eclipse installation?

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  1. You can install all or part of Eclipse WTP in to your current Eclipse.

    To install just JSDT open ‘Help > Install New Software…’.

    In “Work with” choose your main Eclipse site ( for Eclipse Luna).

    Expand the ‘Web, XML, Java EE and OSGi Enterprise Development’ section and select ‘JavaScript Development Tools’

    Click Next> to proceed with the install.

  2. Refer this answer -> Javascript file editing stopped working with Eclipse 2020-06

    The Eclipse IDE for PHP Developers is made up of components from various Eclipse projects. In the Eclipse IDE 2020-06 release the JavaScript support for .js file is no longer provided by the JavaScript editor from JSDT, but by Eclipse Wild Web Developer.

    Wild Web Developer does not provide a separate Editor for JavaScript, but extends the Generic Text Editor by code completion, syntax highlighting, validation, navigation, etc. for JavaScript.

    To get back the JSDT JavaScript editor you have to uninstall Eclipse Wild Web Developer and install JavaScript Development Tools from the Eclipse IDE 2020-03 release (I guess the problems if you had both were solved by simply removing or disabling the JavaScript editor in the 2020-06 release):

    Uninstall Eclipse Wild Web Developer: In Help > About Eclipse IDE: Installation Details, in the Installed Software tab select Eclipse Wild Web Developer and click Uninstall…
    Install JavaScript Development Tools from the 2020-03 release: In Help > Install New Software… work with and choose JavaScript Development Tools to install


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