How to make a function's code more reusable

I want to make my functions more reusable, but I don’t know how(and ask for your guidance).

Say I have something like that:

function One() {
  // code...
  // lot's of code...
  const doSomething = magic.sayWhat(); // or anything else
  // other code...
  // lot's of other code...
  return something;

function Two() {
  // code...
  // lot's of code...
  const doSomething = magic.sayWho(); // Here is a change. This change can be a bit more than that, but it's a fraction compared to all the rest of the code in function. It's the same as in function `One` except this piece of code.
  // other code...
  // lot's of other code...
  return something;

Can I make maybe somehow another, sort of a parent function that will include the general, common code and somehow wrap the changeable code? And yes, I know I can pass some params into the function and based on that make something with the if else, but I don’t like this approach in this case. Any ideas?


Did my best to provide a mimic of what I’m actually doing:

function myLameAssFunction(someArg1, someArg2) {
  let gettingSomethingFromService1 = callService1(someArg1);
  let gettingSomethingFromService2 = callService2(someArg1);

  // code, code, code...

  unextractableFunction(() => {
    let somethingFromExternalLibrary =;
    const doSomething = async () => {
      try {
        const someData = await magicLibrary.sayWhat(someArg2, gettingSomethingFromService1, somethingFromExternalLibrary);
      } catch(err) {
        // whatever

  // code, code, code...
  return gettingSomethingFromService2;

The only part that needed to change is the way I call/receive someData

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