How to play a notification sound on websites?

When a certain event occurs, I want my website to play a short notification sound to the user.

The sound should not auto-start (instantly) when the website is opened.
Instead, it should be played on demand via JavaScript (when that certain event occurs).

It is important that this also works on older browsers (IE6 and such).

So, basically there are two questions:

  1. What codec should I use?
  2. What’s best practice to embed the audio file? (<embed> vs. <object> vs. Flash vs. <audio>)

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  1. 2021 solution

    function playSound(url) {
      const audio = new Audio(url);;
    <button onclick="playSound('https://your-file.mp3');">Play</button>  

    Browser support

    Edge 12+, Firefox 20+, Internet Explorer 9+, Opera 15+, Safari 4+, Chrome

    Codecs Support

    Just use MP3

    Old solution

    (for legacy browsers)

    function playSound(filename){
      var mp3Source = '<source src="' + filename + '.mp3" type="audio/mpeg">';
      var oggSource = '<source src="' + filename + '.ogg" type="audio/ogg">';
      var embedSource = '<embed hidden="true" autostart="true" loop="false" src="' + filename +'.mp3">';
      document.getElementById("sound").innerHTML='<audio autoplay="autoplay">' + mp3Source + oggSource + embedSource + '</audio>';
    <button onclick="playSound('bing');">Play</button>  
    <div id="sound"></div>

    Browser support

    Codes used

    • MP3 for Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer.
    • OGG for Firefox and Opera.
  2. One more plugin, to play notification sounds on websites: Ion.Sound


    • JavaScript-plugin for playing sounds based on Web Audio API with fallback to HTML5 Audio.
    • Plugin is working on most popular desktop and mobile browsers and can be used everywhere, from common web sites to browser games.
    • Audio-sprites support included.
    • No dependecies (jQuery not required).
    • 25 free sounds included.

    Set up plugin:

    // set up config
        sounds: [
                name: "my_cool_sound"
                name: "notify_sound",
                volume: 0.2
                name: "alert_sound",
                volume: 0.3,
                preload: false
        volume: 0.5,
        path: "sounds/",
        preload: true
    // And play sound!"my_cool_sound");
  3. How about the yahoo’s media player
    Just embed yahoo’s library

    <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> 

    And use it like

    <a id="beep" href="song.mp3">Play Song</a>

    To autostart

    $(function() { $("#beep").click(); });
  4. Play cross browser compatible notifications

    As adviced by @Tim Tisdall from this post , Check Howler.js Plugin.

    Browsers like chrome disables javascript execution when minimized or inactive for performance improvements. But This plays notification sounds even if browser is inactive or minimized by the user.

      var sound =new Howl({
                         src: ['../sounds/rings.mp3','../sounds/rings.wav','../sounds/rings.ogg',
                         autoplay: true,
                         loop: true

    Hope helps someone.

  5. We can just use Audio and an object together like:

    var audio = {};
    audio['ubuntu'] = new Audio();

    and even adding addEventListener for play and ended

  6. As of 2016, the following will suffice (you don’t even need to embed):

    let src = '';
    let audio = new Audio(src);;

    See more here.

  7. if you want calling event on the code The best way to do that is to create trigger because the browser will not respond if the user is not on the page

    <button type="button" style="display:none" id="playSoundBtn" onclick="playSound();"></button>

    now you can trigger your button when you want to play sound

  8. if you want to automate the process via JS:

    Include somewhere in the html:

    <button onclick="playSound();" id="soundBtn">Play</button>  

    and hide it via js :

    <script type="text/javascript">
    function performSound(){
    var soundButton = document.getElementById("soundBtn");;
    function playSound() {
          const audio = new Audio("alarm.mp3");

    if you want to play the sound just call performSound() somewhere!

  9. var audio = new Audio('audio_file.mp3');
    function post()
      var tval=document.getElementById("mess").value;   
      var inhtml=document.getElementById("chat_div");
      inhtml.innerHTML=inhtml.innerHTML+"<p class='me'>Me:-"+tval+"</p>";
      inhtml.innerHTML=inhtml.innerHTML+"<p class='demo'>Demo:-Hi! how are you</p>";;

    this code is from talkerscode For complete tutorial visit

  10. I wrote a clean functional method of playing sounds:

    sounds = {
        test : new Audio('/assets/sounds/test.mp3')
    sound_volume = 0.1;
    function playSound(sound) {
        sounds[sound].volume = sound_volume;
    function stopSound(sound) {
    function setVolume(sound, volume) {
        sounds[sound].volume = volume;
        sound_volume = volume;

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