How to send an email from JavaScript

I want my website to have the ability to send an email without refreshing the page. So I want to use Javascript.

<form action="javascript:sendMail();" name="pmForm" id="pmForm" method="post">
Enter Friend's Email:
<input name="pmSubject" id="pmSubject" type="text" maxlength="64" style="width:98%;" />
<input name="pmSubmit" type="submit" value="Invite" />

Here is how I want to call the function, but I’m not sure what to put into the javascript function. From the research I’ve done I found an example that uses the mailto method, but my understanding is that doesn’t actually send directly from the site.

So my question is where can I find what to put inside the JavaScript function to send an email directly from the website.

function sendMail() {
    /* ...code here...    */

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