How to use a function to greet a person in JavaScript

Hello so my question is about this assignment and how I am stuck on how to proceed with getting the persons name to be added to the greeting. The assignment directions are as follows:
Create a function called greet that has one parameter called name and does not return a value. When greet is called, it should say hello to the value passed in as the argument to name. For instance, greet(“Bob”); should print out Hello, Bob!

Create a function to greet a person and return their name.

var greet_name = function(person_name, greet) {
  var text = greet + ',' + name;
  var person_name = text
  text = "Enter your name here";
  person_name = prompt(text); stop 

  var greet = greet_name(person_name, greet);

Some advice on what the next steps would be great or just suggestions on places to edit the code.


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  1. Okay, so we only need one parameter for the function:
    function greet(name){
    And We know that we don’t need to have the function return anything, but it needs to print out the name: console.log("Hello, " + name); Additionally, we want a prompt so the user can enter a name of their choice. We can actually do this during the function call: greet(prompt("Enter Name:")) Thus, we have a fully functional greeter. Final product:
    function greet(name){
    console.log("Hello, "+ name);
    greet(prompt("Enter Name:"));

  2. Try This

    var greet_name = function(person_name, greet) {
        console.log(greet + " " + person_name);
    greet_name(prompt("Enter Your Name : ","Enter Name"),"Welcome");
  3. This Might be an easier and cleaner way to do it.

    var greeting = (userName)=>{
        var userName = prompt("Enter Name");
        alert("Hello " + userName + "!" );

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