How to write grammar for the below criterion – Grammar for ANTLR4 – Custom Expressions

I have a simple expression that I am writing and I am looking for a way to write grammar for such expressions so that ANTLR can generate the lexer and parser using this file.

My expressions don’t have any assignments. They are just a bunch of operations on some pre existing fields. They don’t need to be evaluated.

I have a bunch of pre defined functions ( such as SUM, MEAN, SUBSTR which the backend understands ) and these functions are applied on some existing fields.

The operators I need are :- + , – , * , /
Brackets : ( , ) for opening and closing.
Functions ( keywords ) : SUM, MEAN, MAX SUBSTR.

Examples :-

  1. ( A + B ) , this can also be SUM(A,B)
  2. (MEAN(A, B, C) + MAX( X, MIN(Y,Z)) + 2)/4
  3. SUBSTR("TEST1",0,6)

The expression can extend to multi line.

Here is the basic version that I’ve written.

grammar ExpressionGrammar;

parse: (expr)+ EOF

expr: expr / expr
    | expr * expr  
    | expr + expr
    | expr - expr
    | NUM
    | function

function : ID '(' arguments? ')'

arguments: expr ( ',' expr)*

/* Tokens */ 

OPEN_PAR : '(' ;
CLOSE_PAR : ')' ;

NUM : '0' | '-'?[1-9][0-9]*;
ID : [a-zA-Z_] [a-zA-Z]*;
COMMENT: '//' ~[\r\n]* -> skip;
WS: [ \t\n]+ -> skip;

Eventually I would also have to run some validations on the expression typed by the user. If I input a string inside a MAX() function which only accepts numbers, I should be able to know the line/position where the error is at and notify the user. I believe this comes during the parsing phase ? But just putting it out there, in case there are any inputs and if this grammar can help me identify that.

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