HTML: How to get a calculation result before executing a function

I have a script that I am trying to execute. I need the script to, on the press of the submit button:

  1. fetch values from Google firestore
  2. Use those values in a calculation
  3. use the result of this calculation to write back to the firestore database

I have put console.log("eff[1,2,3]" + result of calculation) to help trace in the console log the order of execution. It first displays eff3 then eff1 then eff2 so this means that the value submitted to firestore is zero (as it is before the calculation) The calculation does calculate the correct answer it just doesn’t submit the answer to the database.

How do I change my code to have it execute in the right order?

// Triggered when the send new message form is submitted.
function onMessageFormSubmit(e) {
  //Calculate efficiency
  var preodo = 0
  var efficiency = 0
  firebase.firestore().collection('Vehicle').doc(reg.value).collection('Refuels').orderBy('Date', 'desc').limit(1)
    .onSnapshot(function(snapshot) {
      snapshot.docChanges().forEach(function(change) {
        preodo =
        efficiency = (odo.value - preodo) / amount.value
        efficiency = efficiency.toFixed(4);
        console.log("eff1:" + efficiency)
      console.log("eff2:" + efficiency)
  //Save refuel transaction with all details form the form as well as the calculated efficiency        
  console.log("eff3:" + efficiency)
  saveMessage(reg.value, odo.value, date.value, amount.value, price.value, rebate.value, efficiency).then(function() {
    window.alert('Refuel submitted!')
    // Clear message text field and re-enable the SEND button.

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