HTML select element onchange trigger for already selected option

I have the following HTML containing a drop down list (single selection)

        <script type="text/javascript">
            $(document).ready(function () {
                $("#garden").bind('change', function() {
        <div id="content">  
           <select id="garden">
             <option value="flowers">Flowers</option>
             <option value="shrubs">Shrubs</option>
             <option value="trees">Trees</option>
             <option value="bushes">Bushes</option>                 

When the HTML page is rendered, Flowers is the already selected element in the drop-down by default (being the first one). If I select any other value (other than "Flowers"), the Javascript function is fired and a alert box containing "Changed" is shown.

Q1: But, in case I re-select Flowers again, the onchange event is not triggered. I understand it is because nothing was ‘changed’ in the drop-down list. Is there a way a function is triggered even when no change to the already selected value in drop-down is done?

Q2: How to extract the value of the element which has just been selected (even if nothing new was selected – that is, user clicked on the drop down, and simply clicked somewhere else).

I have already tried the onblur but that requires that the user clicks somewhere else on the document so that the drop-down loses focus. Any help would be really appreciated.

[I have edited out the HTML headers and other script inclusions in the code snippet provided for brevity.]

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