Insert an array to existing datatable javascript

I have a dataTable where I insert data manually with a form

this is my dataTable
enter image description here

I trying to create an import CSV function with an import button

I would like to use dataTable.rows.add (for example) with an array that I have since I get the CSV,

this is my array result that I like to add to my table

[{"URL":"htpp://","Business Type":"Restaurant2"},{"URL":"htpp://","Business Type":"Hotel"}]

how can I add this data to my table? actually, my dataTable is already initialized with this code

let dataTable = $('#task-place-table').DataTable({
        processing: true,
        autoWidth: false,
        responsive: true,
        dom: '<t>ip',
        order: [0, 'asc'],
        language: {
           "url": '{{session('locale') == 'en' ? "//" : "//"}}',
        "buttons": {
        "reload": '{{__('tableButtons.reload')}}'

and I add rows with "add place" buttons with row.add using this code

     '<button id="btn-remove-' + itemCounter + '" class="btn btn-outline btn-primary btn-xs deleted" ' +
      'data-id="' + itemCounter + '" data-toggle="tooltip" title="Delete" type="button"><i class="fa fa-trash"></i></button>'

actually, placeUrl, itemCounter and businessType are obtained by form elements with document.getElementById.value

the respected result is this

Item = itemCounter (this is already calculated)
Place URL = first data in array
Business Type = second data in array

my HTML table only has this

<table id="task-place-table" class="table table-striped table-bordered table-hover">
           <th class="desktop mobile">{{__('task.columns.item')}}</th>
           <th class="desktop tablet mobile">{{__('task.columns.place_url')}}</th>
           <th class="desktop tablet">{{__('task.columns.business_type')}}</th>
           <th class="desktop">{{__('task.columns.actions')}}</th>

thanks for read this 🙂

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