Is it possible to change the ngx-datatable-column name?

I am building an angular2 web application and I have a ngx-datatable element.
The columns (header) names are numbers.

Is there any way that I can edit those names in view?

After search I could not find a lot of information about ngx-datatable-column, and even the resources that was about ngx-datatable-column, didn’t show the possibility of changing the column name even in code.

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  1. If you just want to see your own names for the column header in your view you can do it by setting both the properties called name and prop appropriately , see example below.

    <ngx-datatable-column name="My Custom Column Header" prop="client">
       <ng-template let-value="value" ngx-datatable-cell-template>
         <strong>{{ value.clientCode }} </strong> - {{ value.clientName }}

    Please refer the Ngx datatable input documents for more details

    Cheers !!

  2. -> Assigning custom names to table

    -> changing createdOn columnName to Created Date

    NOTE: prop(createdOn) sets in value

    <ngx-datatable-column class="bootstrap" name="Created Date" prop="createdOn">                                               
        <ng-template let-row="row" let-value="value" ngx-datatable-cell-template>
  3. Documentation is very comprehensive for such matters.
    All samples and demo:

    You will see more types of option in this sample code.

    What you are looking at is ngx-datatable-header-template

    Option 1

    <ngx-datatable-column name="Your Column Name">
      <ng-template let-column="column" ngx-datatable-header-template>
      <ng-template let-row="row" ngx-datatable-cell-template>

    Option 2

      <ng-template ngx-datatable-header-template>
        <span>Your Column Name</span>
      <ng-template let-row="row" ngx-datatable-cell-template>
  4. You can use the property name:


    columnsInput = [
         { prop: 'Id' }, { prop: 'DeviceId', width: 280 },{ prop: 'LogTimeStamp', name: 'Log Time', width: 220 } ]

    where columnInput is the [columns] property in ngx-datatable

     <ngx-datatable #table class='material' [columns]="columnInput"  [rows]="rowInput"     </ngx-datatable>

    this will display something like:

    header: [Id      DeviceId         Log Time]
    values: [1          111             12121]

    Id/DeviceId/LogTimeStamp is actually the object you assign in the [rows], so for this example you row should be something like:

    rowInput: { Id: 1, DeviceId: 111, LogTimeStamp: 12121 }

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