Is there any way to run a userscript without using Greasemonkey or Tampermonkey?

Is there any way to run a user script without running it through Greasemonkey/Tampermonkey?

I know its a simple question but I can’t find any information on this…or if it’s even possible.

Can the user script be edited so it doesn’t rely on Greasemonkey?

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  1. On firefox:

    You can use the Scriptish addon (an alternative to greasemonkey for automatically running userscripts).

    There is the Developer Scratchpad for editing, saving, loading and running scripts (and userscripts) manually. Also, can be applied on either the current document or browser chrome. Accessed via shift-F4 or Developer > Scratchpad.

    And then there is also GCLI (Graphical Command Line Interpreter) which you can write routines for via a mozcmd file and is run manually. You’ll need to modify the userscript a bit to access window, document objects. Accessed via shift-F2 or Developer > Developer Toolbar.

    This one is a bit more involved, but if you want to go the addon route, you can write an addon using the Addon SDK, and use the page-mod API which injects a userscript into a page automatically.

  2. You can make a bookmarklet, and I am also pondering because I saw a really cool mod, and no bookmarklet will work, and tampermonkey is blocked.
    please contact me on discord if you find an answer!->
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  3. It’s up to the browser you are using to enable support for running arbitrary javascript on page load.

    Chrome has limited userscript support, but is nowhere near as easy or powerful as Tampermonkey.
    Tampermonkey and Greasemonkey (and other browser extensions) were created to address the userscript need.

    You do have options for running javascript after a page has loaded though. You can use the developer tools console or you can create a Bookmarklet.


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