issue: javascript switch case don't work with my var

I have a issue with js and looking for help…

I’m trying to change the content of a div, but it doesn’t work…

My JS:

var headerChange = document.getElementById('myId');
var content = '';

function changeDiv(event) {
        switch ( {
            case 'A': {
                content = 'Here the new content case A';
            case 'B': {
                content = "Here the new content case B...";
    headerChange.innerHTML = content;

The content (var) don’t load the content inside switch case, it return undefined when I click for change the div content… (cus I set the ” value on it… If I change the value, then it change my div content to the value inserted inside it [for examble, if I set var content = ‘abc’, it loads abc], but I need it working with the values of the switch)

How can I solve it?


PS: vannila js.

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