Javascript function to post form input values

I have a php page where I manage the password change request, I’m having trouble calling a javascript function to check if the new password has at least a special character and then calling again the same page to let the php update the password field of the database.

This is my html:

<form name="changePassword" onsubmit="return CheckPassword()" method="post"
  Current Password:
  <input name="currPwd" type="password" size="40" maxlength="200" id="currPwd"
         placeholder="Current Password" required/>

  New Password:
  <input name="newPwd" type="password" size="40" maxlength="200" id="newPwd"
         placeholder="New Password" required/>

  Repeat New password:
  <input name="rNewPwd" type="password" size="40" maxlength="200" id="rNewPwd"
         placeholder="Repeat New Password" required/>

  <input type="submit" id="changepsw" value="Change Password"/>

And this is my javascript code:

function CheckPassword () {
  var pass1 = document.getElementById('newPwd');
  var pass2 = document.getElementById('rNewPwd');
  var isOk = true;

  var res1 = /^(?=.*[ -\/:-@\[-_])([\w -\/]).+$/.test(pass1);
  var res2 = /^(?=.*[ -\/:-@\[-_])([\w -\/]).+$/.test(pass2);

  if ((res1 == false) || (res2 == false)) {
    isOk = false;
  } else {
      type: 'POST',
      url: 'updatepswd.php',
      data: $'form'.serialize()
  return isOk;


Clicking on the submit button it should call the js function and that should check if the password does contain at least a special character and then call the php to update but what happens is that it calls the php page even if the password doesn’t have any special characters.

Am I missing something or doing something wrong?

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