Javascript How do i select the first option element from html?

i’m a beginner at javascript. How do i select in javascript the first option in html "<option value="">Choose an image...</option>"? *without changing the html?

My guess is this: memeForm.getElementById('meme-image').getElementByName('option')

I want to select this so that if the user picks this one (which is the default) they get an error message. Thanks in advance.

window.addEventListener('load', function(e){
    const memeForm = document.querySelector('.meme-form');

    memeForm.addEventListener('submit', function(e){


<form class="meme-form">
  <div class="form-control">
    <label for="meme-image">Meme Image</label>
    <select name="memeImage" id="meme-image">
      <option value="">Choose an image...</option>
      <option value="fry-meme">Fry Meme</option>
      <option value="one-does-not-simply-meme">One Does Not Simply Meme</option>
      <option value="most-interesting-man-meme">Most Interesting Man</option>

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