Javascript promises. Continually repeat first promise until second promise resolves

So I’ve got a React App that creates a video, this is a very long api request taking between 1 and 10 minutes to resolve. I have a separate api call which I need to run continually every couple of seconds to check the status until the first promise is resolved (and the video is compiled).

        const promise1 ="/api/create", data);
        //promise1 takes between 1 and 10 minutes to resolve (video creation).

        const promise2 = axios.get(`/progress-${uniqueId}.txt`);
        // I need promise2 (which checks status of promise1) to continually run
        //at an interval (every 5 seconds?) until promise 1 resolves

        Promise.race([promise1, promise2]).then(res=>{
            //this obviously returns promise2 first, as expected, but 
            //once it comes back I need it to refire after 5 seconds
            //continually until promise 1 resolves

Any idea how I can recursively call Promise2 until Promise1 Resolves?

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