Javascript sort an array by biggest and lowest number

I need help with the sorting as i am totally confused what to do. This is the example:

[1, 65, 3, 52, 48, 63, 31, -3, 18, 56] to [-3, 65, 1, 63, 3, 56, 18, 52, 31, 48].
The first element has to be the smallest, the second to be biggest, the third to be the second smallest element, the fourth to be the second biggest element.

What i have tried is:

function solve(arr) {
  var lowestNum = [...arr].sort((a,b) => a-b);
  let biggestNum = [...arr].sort((a,b) => b-a);
  let nums = [];
  let i = 0;
  while (nums.length !== arr.length) {
    nums.push(lowestNum.shift()); lowestNum.pop();
    nums.push(biggestNum.shift()); biggestNum.pop();
  return nums;
console.log(solve([1, 65, 3, 52, 48, 63, 31, -3, 18, 56]));

However, that is not the way as my exercise requires me to sort.

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