Javascript Variable Showing instead of Variable's Content

I have the following code, where I’m attempting to get a series of element_1, element_2 and so on, and then choose one of them at random.

With this code, where I have console.log(element_count); that will log 1, 2 and so on as expected.

However, all of this results in random_element literally becoming "element_2" instead of $('<div class="fruit oranges">2</div>').

Is it something with element_counted = 'element_' + element_count;?

jQuery(document).ready(function($) {
  var element_count = 0;

  var element_1 = $('<div class="fruit apples">1</div>');

  var element_count = element_count + 1,
    element_counted = 'element_' + element_count;

  var element_2 = $('<div class="fruit oranges">2</div>');

  var element_count = element_count + 1,
    element_counted = 'element_' + element_count;

  var random_element = element_counted; // This becomes 'element_2' instead of element_2's variable content.

<script src=""></script>
<div class=".element-placeholder">element_2</div>
<!--This should be one of the .fruit divs instead of the text "pane_2"-->

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