JavaScript, what is "binde" means, not "bind"? document.binde.tagname…?

I have in my JS code some lines whit "binde" ,what is it , why its working, what is it mean?
On example with, type="checkbox" :

if (document.binde.nameofthecheckbox.checked)
                    ...its true whens checked and do the code


somevar = document.binde.somehtmltagname.value; 

somevar gets the value of "somehtmltagname"

No one can answer me that, i hear only "never seen something like that bevor".
I would be happy to know what it is and not only using it because it works.
Thank you all

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  1. It is not much known, but document might define HTML elements with id specified as document[HTMLElement.ID] as sich, if on page there is <input id="binde"> it will point to that.

    If not, try logging it: console.log(document.binde).


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