jquery Flashes Div Element Before Executing .hide() and .fadeIn() Methods

This is my code:


The problem is that when this loads, the page "jumps" up due to the element being rendered on page first (having a height) before the .hide().fadeIn() is triggered.. is there some other way to do this?

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  1. You could using the opacity instead if you want to keep the dimensions of the element intact:

  2. This is a cleaner solution since it avoids a flashing effect of the element being added first, then quickly having its opacity set to 0.

    This way the elem is added already having an opacity of 0.

    var elem = $(response).css({'opacity': 0});
    elem.animate({'opacity': 1});
  3. If you want to show a smooth transtion between existing content and new, try the following:


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