js object, sort strings by keys, random order

I have for example the following json object.

let obj = [{
 amount: 0
 description: "something"
 latinName: "something else"
 location: "blabla"
 number: 0
 size: "something something"
 price: "something bla"

And I need to sort the keys into e.g.

 number: 0, 
 latinName: 'something else', 
 location: "blabla", 
 description: "something", 
 size: "something something", 
 price: "something bla",
 amount: 0

How would I go about that? If I dont want to sort them by value or alphabet. I couldn’t find anything useful on the web regarding an lets call it sort by personal preference.

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  1. Objects cannot be sorted, they’re just a key-value combination. If you wanted to sort pairs like this, you’d need to use an array of arrays:

    let obj = [
        ["amount", 0],
        ["description" "something"],

    Then you can use a custom sort function when you call obj.sort(customFunc).


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