JS option in select disabled on value?

How can I use JS to disable option on value not option index.

<select id="myselect">
 <option value="20">20</option>
 <option value="30">30</option>

document.getElementById('myselect').options[0].disabled = true;
document.getElementById('myselect').options[1].disabled = false;

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  1. First, you get all of the option tag and saving them to the allOptions

    Then, loop through each of them and check whether their value match certain criteria.

    const allOptions = document.querySelectorAll('#myselect option')
    allOptions.forEach(elem => {
      elem.disable = elem.value > 30 ? true : false; 
  2. You can use the below example

    var perfType = document.getElementById("driveCapacity").value;
    if (perfType == "7200") {
      document.getElementById("4000").disabled = false;
    } else {
      document.getElementById("4000").disabled = true;
    } //driveRPM
      <select class="pull-right text-muted small" name="driveCapacity" id="driveCapacity">
        <option value="4000.0" id="4000">4TB</option>
        <option value="900.0" id="900">900GB</option>
        <option value="300.0" id="300">300GB</option>

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