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I want to make a custom visualization which will add the values of two measure from the first row and display the value .For this I have been using the HelloWorld code provided by looker itself by making just few changes(text in Red).But I am not able to get the expected result, it just gives output as Undefined.

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Here’s my code:-

  // Id and Label are legacy properties that no longer have any function besides documenting
  // what the visualization used to have. The properties are now set via the manifest
  // form within the admin/visualizations page of Looker
  id: "hello_world",
  label: "Hello World",
  options: {
    font_size: {
      type: "string",
      label: "Font Size",
      values: [
        {"Large": "large"},
        {"Small": "small"}
      display: "radio",
      default: "large"
  // Set up the initial state of the visualization
  create: function(element, config) {

    // Insert a <style> tag with some styles we'll use later.
    element.innerHTML = `
        .hello-world-vis {
          /* Vertical centering */
          height: 100%;
          display: flex;
          flex-direction: column;
          justify-content: center;
          text-align: center;
        .hello-world-text-large {
          font-size: 72px;
        .hello-world-text-small {
          font-size: 18px;

    // Create a container element to let us center the text.
    var container = element.appendChild(document.createElement("div"));
    container.className = "hello-world-vis";

    // Create an element to contain the text.
    this._textElement = container.appendChild(document.createElement("div"));

  // Render in response to the data or settings changing
  updateAsync: function(data, element, config, queryResponse, details, done) {

    // Clear any errors from previous updates

    // Throw some errors and exit if the shape of the data isn't what this chart needs
    if (queryResponse.fields.dimensions.length == 0) {
      this.addError({title: "No Dimensions", message: "This chart requires dimensions."});

    // Grab the first cell of the data
    var firstRow = data[0];
    var secondRow = data[0];
    var firstCell = firstRow[queryResponse.fields.measures[0].name];
    var secondCell =secondRow[queryResponse.fields.measures[1].name];
    var totalSat = firstCell+secondCell;

    // Insert the data into the page
    this._textElement.innerHTML = LookerCharts.Utils.htmlForCell(totalSat);

    // Set the size to the user-selected size
    if (config.font_size == "small") {
      this._textElement.className = "hello-world-text-small";
    } else {
      this._textElement.className = "hello-world-text-large";

    // We are done rendering! Let Looker know.

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