MailChimp API – Can't update Tag of existing member

I’m connecting my nodejs backend with Mailchimp via API and everything works great but one thing:

The problem:

When I update existing member information (using method "PATCH"), it does not update/add the Tag in the dashboard.

The discovery:

I’m using a Mailchimp API wrapper npm package called ‘mailchimp_marketing’ wherein i discovered its sending a patch request internally to the Mailchimp API

From this package, I use an add tags function with the specified query and body params. I get a response of 200 but I don’t see it updating on my Mailchimp dashboard
I have been referring to the below links of Mailchimp docs:-

organizing contacts with tags

adding or updating members-nodejs

The code:

const email = "";
const listId = "abcdefghij";
const subscriberHash = md5(email.toLowerCase()); //md5 hash of email
async function run() {
const response = await mailchimp.lists.updateListMemberTags(
tags: [
name: "Test",
status: "active",
response //logs null and status 200

Ouput of the above code :

It does not update the tag of the user in the Mailchimp dashboard
It would be nice if anyone can suggest what to do or some workarounds.

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