Material UI: Can I use React component in the DataGrid cell instead of predefined cell types ('string', 'number', 'date', 'dateTime')?

React, Material UI, TypeScript
I want to put React component into the DataGrid cell. I read about cell custom types here but it didn’t help me: it allows to manage by string format only, but I need to use component instead of string. For example I want to use Link component in the cell. My code:

{ field: 'name', headerName: 'Name', width: 200,
    valueGetter: (params: ValueGetterParams): JSX.Element =>
        (<Link href={this.props.createRecordUrl(params.row.logicalName as EntityNames,
   as ID)} target="_blank">{}</Link>)

But I get the [object Object] string instead of Link component in the cell. How can I solve the problem?

39 thoughts on “Material UI: Can I use React component in the DataGrid cell instead of predefined cell types ('string', 'number', 'date', 'dateTime')?”

  1. You can indeed insert custom components using the renderCell property, which you define in the columns. Have a look at this link for more information:

    Example taken from Material UI Docs:

    const columns: ColDef[] = [
        field: 'date',
        headerName: 'Year',
        renderCell: (params: ValueFormatterParams) => (
            {(params.value as Date).getFullYear()}
              style={{ marginLeft: 16 }}
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