Modifying CSS class property values on the fly with JavaScript / jQuery

I’ve run into a unique situation that I have so far been unable to find a solution for: dynamically assigning a value to a CSS style. I know how to use jQuery to assign width, height, etc. to an element, but what I’m trying to do is actually change the value defined in the stylesheet so that the dynamically-created value can be assigned to multiple elements.

What I’m building is a slideshow of images that occupy the full viewport, recalculating the image’s width, height, and left properties on resize so that the image is always centered, favors width over height, except when the viewport is taller than it is wide (resizing does not reload the page, just fires a function to resize the image).

I have successfully been able to get it to work on one image, and now I’m trying to determine the best way to assign those property values to all images in the slideshow without having to specify those three things individually for every image.

My Question:

Can the values of properties in a class be modified on the fly? I’m sure the answer is out there, I’m probably just not using the correct terminology in my searches. Hope I did a good job of describing the problem. TIA.

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