Multiple checkbox with button

What I’m trying to do is like selecting topics what the user likes before it proceeds using the next button but the problem is I don’t have any idea on how will I do it with the multiple checkbox. It’s like the button is disable at first then it will be enable after the user pick their like topics but all I can do as of now is for just one checkbox. Here are some of the codes that I’m doing, I’m sorry but I only just starting in jquery. Thanks in advance.


<a href="search.html"><input type="submit" value="Next" id="next" disabled="disabled"></a>

    <input class="checkbox" type="checkbox" id="chkPlant1" unchecked="checked"/>
    <label for="chkPlant1"><img src="img/plant1.jpg" /></label>

    <input class="checkbox" type="checkbox" id="chkPlant2" />
    <label for="chkPlant2"><img src="img/plant2.jpg" /></label>

    <input class="checkbox" type="checkbox" id="chkPlant3" />
    <label for="chkPlant3"><img src="img/plant3.png" /></label>

    <input class="checkbox" type="checkbox" id="chkPlant4" />
    <label for="chkPlant4"><img src="img/plant4.jpg" /></label>
<script type="text/javascript">
    $(function () {
      $("#chkPlant1").change(function () {
        if($('#chkPlant1').is(':checked')) { 
          $("#next").prop("disabled", false);
        else {
          $("#next").prop("disabled", true);


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