Multiple javascript promises .then and .catch hitting wrong catch

I think that I am not understanding something properly here as it’s very strange behaviour. If I call queryFindPlayer it should be falling into the .then which it does if queryFindContract function is not there but when it is there like below it seems to fall to the queryFindPlayer catch and add a new player.

queryFindPlayer(models, ConsoleId, UserId, SeasonId, LeagueId).then(players => {
    const player = players[0];
    queryFindContract(db,, UserId, SeasonId, LeagueId).then(contracts => {
      console.log("player has a contract to a team");
    }).catch(e => {
      console.log("failed to find player");
}).catch(e => {
  queryAddPlayer(models, UserId, TeamId).then(player => {
    console.log("added player");   
  }).catch(addPlayerError => {
    console.log("failed to add player, shouldn't happen");

101 thoughts on “Multiple javascript promises .then and .catch hitting wrong catch”

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