Multiple queries in NodeJS and MongoDB

I’ve got a NodeJS/Express/MongoDB app. For one of my endpoints I’m trying to get some stats from the database and I’m having trouble doing it using promises.

I know that db doesn’t get moved between the different .thens but no matter how I re-arrange the code I can’t get anything out of the console.log() except the first users count. I’ve also tried saving db into a variable declared at the start of the function but that doesn’t help either.

What’s the proper way to make multiple queries to MongoDB in a promisified way?

Node Code:

function getStats(num){
    var stats = "";

        .then(db => {
                    .then( userCount => {
                        stats += `Users: ${userCount}\n`
                        return db;
                .then( adminCount => {
                    .then( adminCount => {
                        stats += `Admins: ${adminCount}\n`
                .then( data => {
                    console.log(`Stats are now: \n${stats}`);
        .catch(err => {
            if(err) console.log(err);



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