Next.JS: How to make ALL requests server-side

I am building a Next.JS app that will be getting data from a Python API and an Postgres Database.

Normally this would be simple, except requirements are such that I need to send all requests from the server-side, not the user’s client.

I have been working with and grokking getInitialProps, but I am not confident that it is the full solution that I need because of this line in the README:

For the initial page load, getInitialProps will execute on the server only. getInitialProps will only be executed on the client when navigating to a different route via the Link component or using the routing APIs.

It seems that getInitialProps is designed for the initial page load, and not for subsequent server-side data fetching.

How can I design my Next.JS app in such a way that all requests come from the server-side?


  • It is OK that every request essentially results in an initial page load.
  • It is OK for the user Client to talk back to the Node (Next.JS) server since it’s publicly-exposed. I am currently experimenting with wrapping Next.JS in an express server.

Ty in advance for any help

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