Node.js: remove specific columns from CSV file

I have a CSV file can contain around million records, how can I remove columns starting with _ and generate a resulting csv

For the sake of simplicity, consider i have the below csv

Sr.No Col1 Col2 _Col3   Col4 _Col5
1     txt  png  676766  win  8787
2     jpg  pdf  565657  lin  8787
3     pdf  jpg  786786  lin  9898

I would want the output to be

Sr.No Col1 Col2 Col4
1     txt  png  win 
2     jpg  pdf  lin 
3     pdf  jpg  lin

Do i need to read the entire file to achive this or is there a better approach to do this.

const csv = require('csv-parser');
const fs = require('fs');

  .on('data', (row) => {
    // generate a new csv with removing specific column
  .on('end', () => {
    console.log('CSV file successfully processed');

Any help on how can i achieve this would be helpful.


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  1. Actually you can handle that by using two npm packages.
    to convert your library to JSON format

    then use this

    with the second library. If you know what are the exact fields you want. you can pass parameters to specifically select the fields you want.

    const { Parser } = require('json2csv');
    const fields = ['field1', 'field2', 'field3'];
    const opts = { fields };
    try {
      const parser = new Parser(opts);
      const csv = parser.parse(myData);
    } catch (err) {

    Or you can modify the JSON object manually to drop those columns

  2. To anyone who stumbles on the post

    I was able to transform the csv’s using below code using fs and csv modules.

    await fs.createReadStream(m.path)
          .pipe(csv.parse({delimiter: '\t', columns: true}))
          .pipe(csv.transform((input) => {
            delete input['_Col3'];
            return input;
          .pipe(csv.stringify({header: true}))
          .on('finish', () => {
          }).on('error', () => {


  3. Try this with csv lib

    const csv = require('csv');
    const fs = require('fs');
    const csvString=`col1,col2
    csv.parse(csvString, {columns: true})
       .pipe(csv.transform(({col1,col2}) => ({col1}))) // remove col2

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