Nodemon – "clean exit – waiting for changes before restart" during setup

I am trying to set up a RESTful API with Node and Postgres. I have run into a problem where whenever I attempt to run the server (using npm start) to test it locally, I get the following output:

[nodemon] 1.14.10 [nodemon] to restart at any time, enter rs [nodemon] watching: . [nodemon] starting node index.js server.js
[nodemon] clean exit – waiting for changes before restart

After searching online for quite some time, I cannot find too many resources on what exactly “clean exit – waiting for changes before restart” exactly means, especially in this case.

This is my queries.js file:

  1 var promise = require('bluebird');
  3 var options = {
  4   // Initialization Options
  5   promiseLib: promise
  6 };
  8 // created an instance of pg-promise, override default pgp lib w bluebird
  9 var pgp = require('pg-promise')(options);
 10 var connectionString = 'postgres://localhost:3000/actions';
 11 var db = pgp(connectionString);
 13 // add query functions
 15 module.exports = {
 16   getAllActions: getAllActions,
 17 //  getSingleAction: getSingleAction,
 18 //  createAction: createAction,
 19 //  updateAction: updateAction,
 20 //  removeAction: removeAction
 21 };
 23 function getAllActions(req, res, next) {
 24   db.any('select * from acts')
 25     .then(function (data) {
 26       res.status(200)
 27         .json({
 28           status: 'success',
 29           data: data,
 30           message: 'Retrieved ALL actions'
 31         });
 32     })
 33     .catch(function (err) {
 34       return next(err);
 35     });
 36 }

Here is my index.js file:

  3 var express = require('express');
  4 var app = express();
  5 var router = express.Router();
  6 var db = require('./queries');
  8 // structure: expressInstance.httpRequestMethod(PATH, HANDLER)
  9 app.get('/api/actions', db.getAllActions);
 10 //app.get('/api/actions/:id', db.getSingleAction);
 11 //'/api/actions', db.createAction);
 12 //app.put('/api/actions/:id', db.updateAction);
 13 //app.delete('/api/actions/:id', db.removeAction);
 15 module.exports = router;

Any thoughts on what could be going on here? Thanks in advance.

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