On submit and o'clock not working together

I have read previous posts on this and have tried to apply the onsubmit on my form element in HTML but still doesn’t seem to work. I have it as follows:

<form class="button" id="arrow" onsubmit='return hotelList()'>
  <input type='submit' value='Submit'/>

and js:

const hotelList = () => window.location.href = './ochome.html';

Any suggestions? Thank you

Full code:
New Question: my required field does not seem to be working, and the sends me to the other page regardless….

enter code here 

<form action="/user-details.html" class='login'>
            <!-- is this GET or POST?? -->
            <label for="username" >Username</label><br>
            <input class="whitebox" type="text" id='username' required/>
            <label for="pass" id='pass'>Password</label><br>
             <input class="whitebox" type='password' id='passBox' required/>
            <input type="submit" id='arrow' value="> Submit">

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