Open a link in a new tab, scrape, go to previous page

I’m using puppeteer for the following:

I switched await".ExCategory-results > .ExResult-row:nth-child(${i}) > .ExResult-cell > .ExHeading > a",); for await'...') but it says that it can’t find the a.

This is the page that I’m scraping but notice the Load More button at the bottom of the page.

To prevent resetting the Load more button I want to open each new in a new tab, scrape, close tab and go to the next name.

How can I open each link in a new tab, close, and go to the previous tab?

My code:

var buttonExists = true;
let allData = [];
while (buttonExists == true) {
// const loadMore = true;
const rowsCounts = await page.$$eval(
    '.ExCategory-results > .ExResult-row',
    (rows) => rows.length
console.log(`row counts = ${rowsCounts}`);

for (let i = 2; i < rowsCounts + 1; i++) {
    const exerciseName = await page.$eval(
        `.ExCategory-results > .ExResult-row:nth-child(${i}) > .ExResult-cell > .ExHeading > a`,
        (el) => el.innerText
    console.log(`Exercise = ${exerciseName}`);

    await`.ExCategory-results > .ExResult-row:nth-child(${i}) > .ExResult-cell > .ExHeading > a`,);
    await page.waitForSelector('#js-ex-content');

      ... fancy code here

    await page.goBack();

    let obj = {
        exercise: exerciseName,


// clicking load more button and waiting 1sec
try {
catch (err) {
    buttonExists = false;
await page.waitForTimeout(1000);

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