Opposite of nullish coalescing operator

Nullish coalescing operator allows to assign a variable if it’s not null or undefined, or an expression otherwise.

a = b ?? other

It is an improvement over previously used || because || will also assign other if b is empty string or other falsy, but not nullish value.

However sometimes, we also use && for value assignment, for example

a = b && func(b)

where we only want to do func on b if it’s not nullish, otherwise assign the nullish b.

Of course, && checks for falsiness, not nullishness. Is there a nullish version of &&?

31 thoughts on “Opposite of nullish coalescing operator”

  1. This will not answer the question since it was already answered by @str, I’m just posting this here because I don’t have enough rep to comment on @Dalou’s answer and don’t want people to trip on that answer.

    a = (b ?? false) && other

    Is not the opposite of ??, since a will take the value of b if b is a falsy value other than undefined/null, like '' or 0 for example.
    The opposite of ?? should set a to the value of other even if b is '' or 0.

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