parse my json to get values – json sent from Xcode to JS front-end

Trying to parse and read my JSON data.
I am passing my json data from Xcode to my React native front-end.
I have tried JSON.parse and JSON.stringify nothing works.
It always logs "NULL". I need to access the "value"
Help please!!

JSON in Xcode

  "myDictionary" : {
    "BG" : [
      "{\"value\":\"8 mg\\\/dL\",\"endDate\":635390040,\"startDate\":635390040,\"type\":\"bloodGlucose\"}",
      "{\"value\":\"6 mg\\\/dL\",\"endDate\":635393640,\"startDate\":635393640,\"type\":\"bloodGlucose\"}"


const log = HealthkitController.getBloodGlucose()
    .then(result => {
     let res = JSON.parse(result)
      for (let i = 0; i < res.length; i++) {
        let final = res[0];        
        console.log(final)         // prints the first object
        let fin = final["value"]
        console.log(fin)           //undefined (doesn't print 8mg/dL)


["{\"value\":\"8 mg\\\/dL\",\"endDate\":635390040,\"startDate\":635390040,\"type\":\"bloodGlucose\"}",
"{\"value\":\"6 mg\\\/dL\",\"endDate\":635393640,\"startDate\":635393640,\"type\":\"bloodGlucose\"}"]

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