Problem using click() on input[type=file]

I’m having a problem with the click() functon. It does not work in Opera.

I am trying to make a input type=file clicked on onclick event of another element. I need to style my input type=file element so I made it invisible and replaced it with simple styled button. Now I want file element to be clicked when button is clicked.

I can’t use jQuery because I am using the MooTools library for a calendar in my page and it makes conflict when I try to use jQuery. I also tried to avoid the conflict using jQuery.noConflict(); but I could not do it because I am new to jQuery. Here is my html code:

<input name="myfile" id="uploadme" type="file" style="visibility:hidden; width:1px;" onchange="this.form.submit()"/>
<input type="button" id="clickme" onclick="show_upload()"/>

And here is my JavaScript code:

function show_upload()

I also tried this jQuery code but I could not make it work without conflict with the MooTools library:


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