React.js to change dropdown value

I’m trying to use React useState to change the value of dropdown value, but it looks like it refreshes the page after onClick has been called. When I click for example on option B, it changes selectedValue state to B, then it re-render the page and reset it to default value. My question is why it re-renders the page? And how can change the dropdown value?

import React, {useState}  from 'react';

function InputDropdown(props) {

const [selectedValue, setSelectedValue] = useState("");

return (
  <div className="input-group">
    <input type="text" className="form-control" />
    <div className="input-group-append">
      <button type="button" className="btn btn-outline-secondary">{selectedValue}</button>
      <button type="button" className="btn btn-outline-secondary dropdown-toggle dropdown-toggle-split" data-toggle="dropdown">
        <span className="sr-only">Toggle Dropdown</span>
      <div className="dropdown-menu">
        <a class="dropdown-item" href="#" onClick={() =>setSelectedValue("A")}>A</a>
        <a class="dropdown-item" href="#" onClick={() =>setSelectedValue("B")}>B</a>
        <a class="dropdown-item" href="#" onClick={() =>setSelectedValue("C")}>C</a>

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  1. In React, if any state value changed, the component will be re-rendered. That’s why your new state value will be refreshed on the page.

    In your example, selectedValue is empty at the beginning.

    when you selected a value, you called setSelectedValue() (beware your option B value is C may be a bug)

    it changed the selectedValue local state’s value, the component re-rendreed. That’s why after re-rendered, on your button the value changed to your selected value.


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