React Msal Dose not return the Web API custom scope

I have Register 2 application in Azour Ad ad following:

  • SPA React Application.
  • Web API application

I expose the web API custom scope as following:

And in the SPA application I add the permission as below:
SPA application

After that in the React application I configure MSAL Login and it works fine but I face the following issue when I try to get the access token and specify the scope for the Web API scope I created before as code below:

function getAccessToken(){
        console.log("get access token");
        console.log("account user name  " + accounts[0].username); 
        if (account) {
                scopes: ['soe.all'],
                account: account
            }).then((response) => {
                if (response) {
                    accessToken = response.accessToken;

Response when request access token with scope

I already Grant admin consent and the login is working fine but when I try to get the token it fails,
I need the access token to start calling the Web API which will be a Spring Boot Rest API.

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