React Native Elevation shadow does not work properly

I am new to React Native, I tried to create a component for my radio button but I encountered some issue with the Style when I added the elevation, and it is adding the shadow inside the View instead of outside of the View

Here is my code

import {Text, View, StyleSheet} from 'react-native';
import {RadioButton} from 'react-native-paper';
import {
} from "react-native-gesture-handler";

function Chosen({values, onChange, defaultIndex, selectedIndexAtt, renderComponent}){
    const [index, setIndex] = useState(defaultIndex ? defaultIndex : 0);

    const getRadioStatus = (itemIndex) => {
        return index == itemIndex ? 'checked' : 'unchecked';

    const handleRadioPress = (itemIndex) => {

        <ScrollView style={styles.container}>
            <View style={styles.containerRow}>
                {, index)=> {
                    return (<View style={styles.itemContainer}>
                        <View style={styles.item}>
                            <View style={styles.radioButton}>
                                <RadioButton value={item[selectedIndexAtt ? selectedIndexAtt : index]} 
                                    status={getRadioStatus(item[selectedIndexAtt ? selectedIndexAtt : index])}
                                    onPress={() => {
                                        handleRadioPress(item[selectedIndexAtt ? selectedIndexAtt : index])

const styles = StyleSheet.create({
        flexDirection: 'column',
        flex: 1
        flexDirection: 'row',
        flexWrap: 'wrap',
    itemContainer: {
        width: "50%",
        padding: 1
    item: {
        flexDirection: 'row',
        margin: 10,
        borderWidth: 1,
        borderColor: 'rgba(105,105,105,0.6)',
        borderRadius: 15,
        elevation: 0.1
    radioButton: {
        justifyContent: 'center',
        flex: 1,
        alignItems: 'flex-end'

export default Chosen;

and here is how I call it from the parent

<Chosen values={dummyData} defaultIndex={dummyData[0].id} selectedIndexAtt='id' renderComponent={(item) => {
                    return (
                }} onChange={onChange}></Chosen>

and the result is this:

elevation shadow issue

Can someone please help me with this?

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