React.PropsWithChildren with no props other than `children`?

I have a component with no props other than children, i.e.:

function Foo({ children }: React.PropsWithChildren<>) {}

React.PropsWithChildren requires an argument. If I do React.PropsWithChildren<{}>, Eslint produces Don't use `{}` as a type. `{}` actually means "any non-nullish value"..

I’m using this for the empty object type:

type EmptyObj = { [k: string]: never };

However, React.PropsWithChildren<EmptyObj> causes:

Type '{ children: Element; }' is not assignable to type 'EmptyObj'.
  Property 'children' is incompatible with index signature.
    Type 'Element' is not assignable to type 'never'.

What should I pass to React.PropsWithChildren?


I know I can just do:

function Foo({ children }: { children?: React.ReactNode }) {}

However, I’m using React.PropsWithChildren throughout the codebase, so I’d prefer to keep it consistent.

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