Reactjs: setstate rendering order problem

i’m new using reactjs.
I’m using a Select element with onChange handle. I save the selected value with setState: productFilterChosenValue.
Then with handleClick on my button "onClick" event, i do the

  productFilterChosenValue: this.state.productFilterValue,

So i have productFilterChoseValue updating his value only on click with the current Select value.
And it works fine, because if in my render() function i put {this.state.productFilterValue} then it will show value changing only on button click.

But if I add a component (my own component) in the bottom, giving it as prop the same value


It will update only after 2 clicks. So I have my value printed and working correctly and the same value as prop that changes state on second click.

Inside my FetchedTableGrid component, I have put console.log(this.props); trying componentDidMount and componentWillReceiveProps getting same error. If I use componentWillUpdate or componentDidUpdate it gets infinity looped.

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