Reduce an array of objects based on an object array property

I need help from some JavaScript/NodeJS experts. I’m using the v14 of NodeJS.

I would like to create a function that takes as an input this kind of array (let’s say that it’s a list of teams):

        name: 'IT',
        tags: ['Department', 'Section', 'Organizational']
        name: 'Male',
        tags: ['Gender', 'Organizational']
        name: 'Foo',
        tags: []

… and returns as an output a list of teams by tag name like this:

// Output:
    Department: 'IT',
    Section: 'IT',
    Organizational: 'IT, Male',
    Gender: 'Male'

The order of object keys as well as the order of the team names don’t matter. I can do this quite easily with a few lines of code, but I’m quite sure that it would be easy to do using a few of our magic map(), reduce() functions and other utilities like spreading.

Anybody can help me achieve this in an optimized way?

Thank you!

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