ReferenceError: document is not defined in Next.js while working with React Aria overlays

I’m learning Next.js for web development and I came across commerce, a boilerplate for e-commerce websites written in Next.js. As I was browsing through the code I found the Sidebar component which uses React Aria for creating overlays.

I wanted to use this part in my own project, so wrote a Overlay component that also uses the OverlayContainer component.

import { useRef } from 'react';

import {
} from '@react-aria/overlays';

const Overlay = ({ className, children, open = false, onClose }) => {
    const ref = useRef(null);

    const { modalProps } = useModal();

    let { overlayProps } = useOverlay({ onClose: onClose, open: open, isDismissable: true }, ref);
    return (


export default Overlay;

This component gets loaded in my Layout component, just as in the commerce project.
However, when I try to load up the index page, it gives me the following error:

Server Error
ReferenceError: document is not defined

This error happened while generating the page. Any console logs will be displayed in the terminal window.
pages/_document.tsx (90:33) @ Function.getInitialProps

  88 |     }
  89 | 
> 90 |     const { html, head } = await ctx.renderPage({ enhanceApp })
     |                                 ^
  91 |     const styles = [...flush()]
  92 |     return { html, head, styles }
  93 |   }

When I remove the OverlayContainer component, it loads all fine. I tried updating my dependencies, comparing more code to the Github repo, but nothing found so far.

What’s the problem here? And how could I fix it? I’m using Next 10 with React 17.0.1.

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