Regex to target last two spaces in a string

Regex newbie here. I’m trying to write an expression that matches the last two (or n) separate spaces.

       v v
This is a test

I have an ultra simple expression that returns the last space:
/ (?=[^ ]*$)/i
but cannot seem to figure out how to get it to return twice and only twice (or n times)

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  1. You might also match a space and assert using a positive lookahead that there is an optional space to the right.

    Denoted the space between square brackets just for clarity.

    [ ](?=(?:\S+ )?\S+ *$)
    • [ ] Match a space
    • (?= Positive lookahead, assert that on the right it
      • (?:\S+ )? Optionally match 1+ non whitespace chars followed by a space
      • \S+ Match 1+ non whitespace chars
      • $ End of string
    • ) Close lookahead

    Regex demo

    If there can also be optional spaces at the end:

    [ ](?=(?:\S+ )?\S+ *$)

    Regex demo

  2. You could use a negative lookahead that will require that there are not two spaces somewhere after the candidate space:

    let s = "This is a test";
    let result = s.replace(/ (?!.* .* )/gs, "°");

    I must say that this has a bad time complexity. For large strings you will get better performance with lastIndexOf:

    let s = "This is a test";
    s = "  " + s; // Add dummies to avoid boundary cases
    let last = s.lastIndexOf(" ");
    let prev = s.lastIndexOf(" ", last - 1);
    // Replace those spaces:
    let result = s.slice(0, prev) + "°" + s.slice(prev+1, last) + "°" + s.slice(last+1);
    // Remove the dummies:
    result = result.slice(2);

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