resize content of smart-wizard (js library)

I want to change the height (of the step div) dinamically but it do not work in any way that I tried. I need this because I have a table I insert data with ajax and it reload, this table is in datatable. I dont want that the scrollbar appears

I already tried to change the height in css putting the height:auto; but it did not worked and the scrollbar always appears; here is the library smartwizard I use,

Follow the code to instance the smartwizar:

      // Properties
        selected: 0,  // Selected Step, 0 = first step   
        keyNavigation: true, // Enable/Disable key navigation(left and right 
        keys are used if enabled)
        enableAllSteps: false,  // Enable/Disable all steps on first load
        transitionEffect: 'none', // Effect on navigation, 
        contentURL:null, // specifying content url enables ajax content loading
        contentURLData:null, // override ajax query parameters
        contentCache:true, // cache step contents, if false content is fetched 
      always from ajax url
        cycleSteps: false, // cycle step navigation
        enableFinishButton: false, // makes finish button enabled always
       hideButtonsOnDisabled: false, // when the previous/next/finish buttons are disabled, hide them instead
        errorSteps:[],    // array of step numbers to highlighting as error steps
        labelNext:'Continuar', // label for Next button
        labelPrevious:'Voltar', // label for Previous button
        labelFinish:'Finalizar',  // label for Finish button        
        ajaxType: 'POST',
    // Events
        onLeaveStep: leaveAStepCallback, // triggers when leaving a step
        onShowStep: null,  // triggers when showing a step
        onFinish: null,  // triggers when Finish button is clicked  
        buttonOrder: ['prev', 'next','finish']  // button order, to hide a button remove it from the list

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