ResizeObserver loop limit exceeded – stop exception

Have been hitting the ResizeObserver - loop limit exceeded error on my webapp.
From ResizeObserver – loop limit exceeded, I know that the error is harmless. But it still logs into my error/exception tracking on Sentry.

I am currently on a plan that only gives me 5k events per month. Due to very high usage of the webapp (several thousand users), the above ResizeObserver error accounts for about 2.5-3k of those errors usually. Which causes my 5k total events per month to deplete before the whole month is complete. Thus, keeping me out of loop for the exceptions towards the latter half of the month.

There isn’t really a stack-trace available to point out where exactly the exception is coming from. (refer attached image)
enter image description here

Does anybody know how to handle the exception ResizeObserver - loop limit exceeded ?

PS – My frontend stack includes BackboneJS with a lot of use of jQuery. (and a bunch of other libraries)

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