Strange set state behaviour inside .then block

I’m pulling data from a firebase collection cafes into a React component called CafeReviews, and then setting that data into a state variable called cafe.
The data coming back has the following shape:

 name: cafe name,
 photoURL: photo url

The strange behavior is that sometimes the data renders to the browser, but other times the browser crashes and gives the following error:

TypeError: is not a function

I’m assuming this is an async error – that the browser is loading the component before the state has been set. So how do I set state within a .then block, that itself is within the useEffect hook?

Here’s the component in full:

import React, { useState,useEffect } from 'react'
import db from '../fbConfig'

const CafeReviews = ({match}) => {

    const [cafe,setCafe] = useState([])
    let id =

 useEffect(() => {
        .then(snapshot => {


export default CafeReviews

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