Svelte custom event on svelte typescript

I’m using clickOutside directive on my svelte-typescript project and I’m getting this error when I assign custom event to the related element

Type '{ class: string; onclick_outside: () => boolean; }' is not assignable to type 'HTMLProps<HTMLDivElement>'.
  Property 'onclick_outside' does not exist on type 'HTMLProps<HTMLDivElement>'

here’s a snippet of my code

{#if profileToolbar}
    transition:fly={{ y: -20, duration: 300 }}
    on:click_outside={() => (profileToolbar = !profileToolbar)}
    class="origin-top-right absolute right-0 mt-2 w-48 rounded-md
    shadow-lg z-10 shadow-md">

this is the clickOutside directive that I’m using currently

I’m new to typescript so I don’t really know where to start with my google search, anyone knows how to tackle this issue? thanks for your help

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