TailwindCss Fixed NavBar

I’m trying to create a Fixed Navigation Bar in Tailwind CSS and sticky scroll main page, but no matter what I try, I can’t make it work…

Here is what I achieved:

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Here is my Code:

<!-- NavBar -->
<header class="fixed bg-blue-600 shadow-md  z-50 w-full px-5 py-2 flex justify-between items-center">
    <router-link to="/" class="text-2xl text-white">My App</router-link>
        <router-link to="/login" class="text-white hover:bg-gray-700 px-3 rounded py-1">Login</router-link>
        <router-link to="/register" class="text-white hover:bg-gray-700 px-3 rounded py-1">Register</router-link>
<div class="flex">
    <!-- Sidebar -->
    <aside class="fixed bg-white h-screen py-5 shadow">
        <div class="flex flex-col text-left">
            <router-link to="/" class="hover:bg-gray-400 px-12 py-2 rounded">
                <i class="fa fa-dashboard"></i>
                <span class="">Dashboard</span>    
    <!-- Main Page -->
    <main class="bg-gray-200  flex-1">
        <transition name="slide-fade">

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