Underscore: sortBy() based on multiple attributes

I am trying to sort an array with objects based on multiple attributes. I.e if the first attribute is the same between two objects a second attribute should be used to comapare the two objects. For example, consider the following array:

var patients = [
             [{name: 'John', roomNumber: 1, bedNumber: 1}],
             [{name: 'Lisa', roomNumber: 1, bedNumber: 2}],
             [{name: 'Chris', roomNumber: 2, bedNumber: 1}],
             [{name: 'Omar', roomNumber: 3, bedNumber: 1}]

Sorting these by the roomNumber attribute i would use the following code:

var sortedArray = _.sortBy(patients, function(patient) {
    return patient[0].roomNumber;

This works fine, but how do i proceed so that ‘John’ and ‘Lisa’ will be sorted properly?

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